The 2016 Symposium organisers wish to thank and acknowledge our Exhibitors, who's support ensures the Symposium is a continuing success.  Thank you for making the trip to Auckland. 


W: www.abbottinformatics.com

Booth 9

Abbott Informatics is a global Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) provider that has served customers around the world for more than 27 years. The STARLIMS Forensics LIMS solution is specifically designed for the forensics industry. From pre-logging of evidence and documenting the crime scene, to laboratory analysis and property storage and disposition, our LIMS streamlines the process, helping your agency cut costs, save time and achieve compliance with ISO 17025, ASCLD-LAB, CALEA and other accreditation standards.

Abbott Informatics is GSA Schedule 70 certified for Forensics and Public Health. IT Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to products, services and solutions from more than 5,000 certified industry partners.

W: www.afp.gov.au

Booth 7

The role of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) is to enforce Commonwealth criminal law, to contribute to combating organised crime and to protect Commonwealth and national interests from criminal activity in Australia and overseas. 

The Forensics Branch of the Specialist Operations portfolio provides forensic science and technical intelligence services in support of AFP operations at the community policing level, nationally and internationally. The Branch comprises a diverse group of specialised disciplines who work collaboratively to deliver integrated services to stakeholders.

P: 0508 555 344 (NZ tollfree)
P: 1800 802 042 (AUS tollfree)
E: agilent_assist@agilent.com
W: www.agilent.com/chem

Booth 36 & 37

Agilent Technologies Inc., a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets, is the premier laboratory partner for a better world. Agilent works with customers in more than 100 countries, providing instruments, software, services and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow. In the forensics and investigative fields, a lot is contingent on the accuracy of your results. Whether testing for poisons in a forensics investigation, screening athletes for performance enhancing drugs, analyzing samples for recreational drugs, or checking a crime scene for explosive residue - lives and professions may be dependent on the accuracy of your equipment. Agilent Technologies leads the industry with robust instruments that provide the ability to confirm and quantify thousands of substances.


P: 64 4 939 1527
E: Warwick@aorangiforensics.co.nz
W: www.aorangiforensics.co.nz

Booth 41

Aorangi Forensic Supplies (AFS) has been a preferred supplier of forensic product to New Zealand Police for almost 15 years.  The company also provides other government agencies and private business with forensic supplies. 

AFS is the sole manufacturer of fingerprint powder in the country.  

The company also stocks a wide range of both internationally imported and locally made crime scene examination equipment and consumables. AFS is based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, and strives to supply a high standard of service and product.

AFS is owned and operated by Warwick Bolton, an industrial chemist with extensive experience in the paint industry. 

P: +61 8 9389 1488
E: info@eecw.com.au
W: www.anzfss2018.com
C: Renee Bennett
EECW – Appointed Professional Conference Organiser 

Booth 13

The ANZFSS 24th International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences will be held in Perth, Western Australia from 9-13 September 2018. The theme of the Symposium is "Forensic Science Without Borders" and will bring together experts from a range of science disciplines and jurisdictions. The Symposium will provide participants with an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge, develop ideas and network with colleagues from around the globe. 

Perth has recently been voted the 7th most liveable city in the world and has grown to become an urban cool destination complemented by natural beauty and attractions, while the surrounding regions play host to spectacular scenery and wineries for those who venture beyond the city limits.

Visit www.anzfss2018.com to plan your trip west in 2018.

P: +64 9 969 9150 / 0800 34 24 66
E: stacey.nelson@bio-strategy.com
W: www.bio-strategy.com/

Booth 45 & 46

Bio-Strategy is an established locally-owned ISO 9001:2008 accredited distributor, supplying laboratory instruments, automated technology solutions and reagents from world famous brands. We serve the clinical diagnostic, life sciences and applied sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our highly qualified and trained team offer the best solutions to our customers, backed by technical support from dedicated Applications Scientists and Service Engineers.

Bio-Strategy is proud to be Gold co-sponsor of ANZFSS with our partner Hamilton Robotics. As the leader in liquid handling equipment and laboratory automation technology, Hamilton Robotics is recognised for advancing life and forensic sciences, and biotechnology industries with products that offer reliability, performance and flexibility.

In addition to Hamilton Robotics, visit the Bio-Strategy booth to see our Forensic solutions from GE Healthcare, QIAGEN and Leica Microsystems.

For more information on our products and services visit www.bio-strategy.com

P: +61 2 9889 5000
E: info@eppendorf.com.au
W: www.eppendorf.com.au
C: Kimberly Dewar

Booth 19

Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for Liquid, Sample and Cell handling in laboratories worldwide.

Eppendorf's product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrophotometers and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, platform and incubator shakers, CO2 Incubators, Bioprocess equipment and cell manipulation systems. Associated consumables like pipette tips, centrifuge tubes, microtiter plates, cell culture consumables and disposable bioreactors vessels complement the instruments for the highest quality workflow solutions.

Our mission is to be a synonym for customer-focused processes, innovative technologies, premium products and services to improve human living conditions.

E: Lynne.St.Clair-Chapman@esr.cri.nz
W: www.esr.cri.nz/
C: Lynne St.Clair-Chapman

Booths 3&4

ESR (The Institute of Environmental Science and Research) is a Crown research institute that uses the power of science to solve complex problems.

Our expert crime scene scientists, drug chemists, physical evidence specialists, toxicologists and biologists are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge and work behind the scenes to support New Zealand's justice and security sectors with precise, independent and trustworthy results.

As well as the analysis of human tissue, crime scene trace evidence, bodily samples and any other evidential material, our comprehensive knowledge of the presence and interpretation of DNA is utilised across the country and around the world.

P: +61 2 9646 0222
E: alison.sears@health.nsw.gov.au
W: www.health.nsw.gov.au/
C: Alison Sears

Booth 26 & 27

The NSW Forensic & Analytical Science Service (FASS) provides independent scientific and pathology services state wide to the NSW criminal and coronial justice system, the NSW Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Health and other organisations.  Services are provided in the fields of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Biology/DNA and Forensic Chemistry which incorporates Chemical Criminalistics,   Forensic Toxicology, Drug Toxicology, Illicit Drug Analysis and Drugs and Driving Toxicology.

FASS highly skilled and diverse staff provide impartial pathology services, scientific analysis and reporting, specialised consultancy and advice, education, training, research and development.   Part of the NSW Health Pathology network, FASS provides high quality, efficient, timely and reliable services whilst maintaining excellence in service delivery through innovation, collaboration and strong leadership.

P: +61 3 9018 8919
E: anna.davey@forensicfoundations.com.au
W: www.forensicfoundations.com.au
C: Anna Davey

Booth 15

Forensic Foundations was formed in 2008. The company provides a specialized service for practitioners entering the forensic arena or looking to broaden and deepen their skills. 

Forensic Foundations operates in all areas of the forensic sciences focusing on quality management, statistics, the interface between science and the legal system and forensic science based R&D. Of special interest the preparation of inexperienced practitioners for appearances in court or when required to provide expert advice. 

Forensic Foundations' clients include government, academia and the private sector.

For more information visit www.forensicfoundations.com.au

P: +44 1386 768 050
E: sales@fosterfreeman.com
W: www.fosterfreeman.com

Booth 10 & 11

Foster + Freeman are innovators in the design and manufacture of systems for the examination of questioned documents, latent fingerprints, trace evidence and shoe prints. 

Established in 1978, Foster + Freeman has become one of the foremost forensic science equipment suppliers in the world, exporting market leading, and in many cases unique products to more than 140 countries.

Our products are designed to assist in finding evidence at scenes of crime and in performing detailed forensic investigations in the laboratory. Our customers include all major police and forensic science laboratories as well as government agencies, commercial and private organisations such as homeland security, immigration authorities and security printers.


P: +61 2 9698 8725
E: sales@grycol.com.au
W: www.grycol.com.au/
C: Stuart Collibee

Booth 41

Grycol International Pty Ltd are exclusive Australian distributors of Safariland Forensic Source and Defense Technology product lines. We stock a full range of Crime Scene Investigation Products, Drug Testing Kits, Less Lethal Munitions and OC Sprays along with L&R Ultrasonic Weapons Cleaning Systems. We are also the Australian distributors for Smith & Wesson Firearms.  Grycol International has been in business for over 50 years as a supplier to Police Departments, Correctional Facilities and Military.  To read more about our company please visit our newly redesigned website at www.grycol.com.au 

P: +61 3 9212 9900
E: cchislett@illumina.com
W: www.illumina.com
C: Casie Chislett

Booth 47

Focused Forensic Power from Illumina

One Solution for all: forensic DNA testing for criminal casework, use of identity and ancestry markers as predictive DNA to provide intelligence information to ongoing investigations, forensic profiling for DNA databases, mtDNA analysis to identify missing persons and disaster victim identification.

More conclusive results in forensic testing are now a practical reality thanks to advances in genomics. Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology and informatics deliver far more insight from forensic DNA than traditional methods, with a much higher resolution than ever before possible. You'll find the answers you need efficiently with a greater degree of certainty, with the focused power of the MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System.

Seek the truth with Illumina Forensic Genomics technology.

P: +1-818-388-4557
E: KevinB@integenX.com
W: www.integenx.com
C: Kevin Bebak, Marketing Manager

Booth 34

IntegenX Inc. provides forensic DNA capabilities for the 21st century investigation

DNA is indisputably the world's most powerful biometric. However, its investigative utility has been hampered by long turnaround times. IntegenX Rapid DNA technology does for DNA testing what digital fingerprint scanners did for fingerprints. Rather than waiting weeks to know if a suspect or arrestee can be linked to any unsolved crimes, agencies equipped with Rapid DNA will be able to generate DNA profiles within hours, before the suspect is released on bail. IntegenX's platforms have been developed for compatibility with gold-standard DNA databases such as CODIS and NDNAD. This, combined with superior networkability, gives forensic labs and law enforcement agencies the opportunity to use DNA more effectively in today's dynamic, rapidly-evolving investigations.

P: + (44) 161 488 3660
E: info@isoprime.co.uk
W: www.isoprime.co.uk/
C: Mike Seed

Booth 17

Stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry has rapidly evolved into an incredibly powerful tool with the ability to further our understanding of the world we inhabit. Nowhere is this evolution clearer than the distillation of almost 40 years of mass spectrometry expertise into Isoprime.

Based in Manchester, UK, Isoprime is solely dedicated to stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS). This gives us the unique ability to create the most sophisticated IRMS systems in the world through our commitment to innovation, giving our customers the highest performing instrumentation and continual support from our worldwide network of engineers and applications specialists.

P: 0800 651 700
E: info@johnmorris.co.nz
W: www.johnmorrisgroup.com/
C: Mark Staggs

Booth 18

John Morris Group has a proud heritage spanning over 60 years and specialises in the supply, installation & servicing of scientific instrumentation & consumables covering diverse industry sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific region. 

Our continued success, and distinguishing feature from all other instrument distributors, relies on our unique ability to cater for our customers' end-to-end needs by offering a complete solution.

We are renowned for providing quality service, specialised product knowledge plus prompt delivery ... the perfect partner for all your instrument needs.

P: +1 480 222 8919
E: david.epstein@justicetrax.com
W: www.justicetrax.com
C: David Epstein

Booth 14a

JusticeTrax® is an industry leading provider of laboratory and evidence software for criminal justice agencies of all sizes. Since 1995 JusticeTrax, Inc. has provided forensic laboratories with LIMS-plus, a comprehensive case management software, outstanding customer support, software development, and integration with other applications and instruments.

JusticeTrax also provides specialty applications including LIMS-plus DNA for Forensic biologists and ChainLinx, a property and evidence management system. JusticeTrax also provides data migration, custom report development and training by forensic scientists.

P: +614 20 940 556 / +49 1575 6469 885
E: info@kleinodpacific.com
W: www.kleinodpacific.com

Booth 2

Kleinod Pacific Enterprises specialises in distribution and service of specialist technology products and consulting services. We draw on the high levels of skill and well developed strategic networks of our consultants to provide our clients excellent solutions in support of their goals. We are the sole distributors of LUMATEC and Voigtländer in Australia and New Zealand. The products we represent are built to the highest standards and selected for their innovation and value. 

P: +61 3 9490 7700
E: infoAP@labware.com
W: www.labware.com

Booth 40

LabWare has achieved success by meeting commitments and exceeding expectations in LIMS and ELN projects large & small, local & global, routine & complex. LabWare is the clear industry leader in laboratory automation software with LabWare LIMS ™ (Laboratory Information Management System) and LabWare ELN ™- a fully integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook application.  A reputation for exceptional performance LabWare is the world's leading specialist in laboratory workflow automation. We empower our customers to succeed because we engineer and deliver a full featured, configurable, enterprise solution that provides results and retains its value. LabWare has a truly global presence with an extensive and experienced services team that will help you configure your system to fulfil your requirements and meet your expectations. This attention to customer success and satisfaction is why LabWare LIMS consistently earns so many top industry accolades and why it is by far the world's best-selling laboratory automation platform.

Forensic laboratories have certain requirements that are often not found in other types of laboratories. LabWare has, with the help of our forensic customers, designed modules to accommodate these requirements. These modules, in combination with our extensive lab automation functionality provide a complete forensics solution.

T: +61 1800 625 286
E: marketing.australia@leica-microsystems.com 
W: www.leica-microsystems.com 
C: Amanda Brindley 

Booth 1

Leica Microsystems is a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments for life science, industry, and medical applications. Founded as a family business in the nineteenth century, the company's history was marked by unparalleled innovation through its historically close cooperation with the scientific community. Leica Microsystems' tradition of innovation draws on users' ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements.

The company is represented in over 100 countries with 6 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries, sales and service organizations in 20 countries, and an international network of dealers. The company acts globally and is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.

E: Info@lociforensics.nl
W: www.lociforensic.nl

Booth 20 & 21

In 2000 Loci Forensics B.V. was founded by 2 forensic crime scene investigators (Martin and René). Between them they have over 50 years extensive experience in this field which has led to new, innovative products such as Forensic Sil, FAB-Swab, DNA-Stub, Lumiscene and the Casing Container. Today Loci's products range covers the full spectrum of forensic disciplines including crime scene investigation kits, (DNA-FREE), evidence collection kits, fingerprint kit, personal protection equipment and many more. Since 2007 we also provide forensic training in several subjects and up till now we have trained hundreds of crime scene investigators, lab technicians, medical personnel and law enforcement personnel of 34 different countries. These English spoken courses are held in our institute or can be hosted. 

Have a nice stay and come and visit our crime scene at the ANZFSS 2016.

P: +61 2 9438 5836
E: enquiries@macsimage.com.au
W: www.macsimage.com.au
C: David Adermann, Corey Martin

Booth 6

Established in 1990, MACS Image is the most experienced name in high speed video cameras and slow motion video camera systems in Oceania.

By supplying only the world's best and most advanced technology, MACS continuously delivers the highest quality in motion capture and professional service available. Our partners continuous records of technical and digital innovation together with a comprehensive, integrated line-up of products have set industry standards for performance and reliability worldwide.

So for reliable, digital, high quality, high speed camera systems, you've made the right and safe choice by visiting www.macsimage.com.au 

P: +64 (4) 477 7096
E: Sales@magritek.com
W: www.magritek.com
C: Mitchell Goshert

Booth 50

Founded in 2004, Magritek is an advanced technology company exporting from Germany and New Zealand to customers all over the world. The initial technology and IP used in Magritek products was developed by research teams at RWTH University, Germany, and Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. 

Magritek provides complete NMR and MRI system solutions for the academic, research, forensic, pharmaceutical, polymer, food and oil and gas industry, as well as components and subsystems suitable for research laboratories. 

Magritek has offices in San Diego, USA, Aachen, Germany and Wellington, New Zealand.


P: +61 434 15 22 58
E: rwebster@hwns.com.au
W: www.hwns.com.au/Our-businesses/MediRedi
C: Russell Webster

Booth 44

MediRedi (House With No Steps) is a Not For Profit organisation providing and producing custom designed kits for Forensic DNA and Evidence collection requirements available throughout Australia & New Zealand.

House with No Steps, has proudly provided accommodation, employment, and support for people with a disability for more than 30 years, and operates three ISO accredited Cleanrooms and packaging centres, through-out Australia, specialising in Medical procedure packs & Forensic (DNA) & Evidence collection kit design and poduction, as well as a range of complimentary services including packaging, mail-outs, and other labour intensive requirements such as macadamia nut and oil extraction and packaging.

Click here to find out more


P: +61 7 3881 1834
E: sales@microelectronics.com.au
W: www.bsdrobotics.com
C: Andrew Stewart

Booth 49

BSD Sample Media Punchers are computer controlled instruments used for 96 and 384 well microplate test preparation from Dried Blood Spot, DNA collectors and other biomaterial samples in life science laboratories. They deliver automatic sample tracking, fast and accurate sample punching and have an established reputation for quality and reliability in forensic laboratories around the world. 

Microelectronic Systems Pty Ltd proudly manufactures and supports the BSD product range and is committed to long term supply of spare parts and support for all existing BSD models. 


P: +61 2 8718-2888 
W: www.multigate.com.au

Booth 23

Multigate in an Australian owned and operated company supplying a wide range of sterile and non-sterile medical and surgical consumables to the healthcare, medical and forensics markets. We have a dedicated team of professionals with clinical and medical experience who through discussion with clients, observation and research are able to develop the components, design then implement the production of procedure packs for all your clinical and medical procedures.  Our packs can be designed for a standard procedure or customised according to workflows and individual practice.

All our packs are processed through a validated manufacturing and sterilization regime that not only guarantees sterility but also ensures the individual components in each pack are not compromised by any traces of residual DNA.

Every pack has an individual tracking label offering usage monitoring and chain-of-evidence traceability.  

Come and see how we can pack your procedures full of performance.


P: +61 2 9491 7543 (Aus) or +64 9 272 0178 (NZ)
E: bsgdealersupport@au.panasonic.com
W: www.panasonic.com/au or www.panasonic.com/nz

Booth 51

Panasonic manufacture the world's best performing Fully Rugged PC's, Tablets, 2-in-1's and Handhelds, in either Windows or Android operating systems. Unique productivity features like longer battery life, enhanced connectivity and daylight viewable screens, combined with radically lowered failure rates reduce annual TCO by over 15% vs traditional IT devices. Their IP65 and Military Spec certifications protect against heat and cold, drops and shocks, vibration and humidity, so your teams can work whenever they want, wherever they want.


P: +1 800 069 161 (within Australia)
P: +61 3 8480 3500 (International)
E:  kj.wong@pathtech.com.au 
W: www.pathtech.com.au/products/forensics
C: KJ Wong

Booth 42 & 43

Be confident with your results using the very best industry leading forensic equipment from Pathtech. The Pathtech Forensics team work with premium international brands including Foster + Freeman, LGC, West Technology, Attestor Forensics, BVDA and Consolite Forensics to bring you the very best forensic solutions available. Our global access allows us to offer an extensive selection of equipment and consumables across all of the core forensic disciplines. Our after sales support and in-house service laboratory help to ensure your products meet your needs now and in the future.  

P: +61 3 9212 8500
E:  ausales@perkinelmer.com
W: www.perkinelmer.com
C: Kim Tang

Booth 16

PerkinElmer is a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment through our wide range of instrumentation and solutions.

Our innovative detection, imaging, informatics and service capabilities help to detect and analyse approximately 2.25 billion air, water and soil samples worldwide to ensure safety standards are met as well as helping to solve critical issues in human and environmental health.

PerkinElmer's state of the art instruments combined with our market knowledge and expertise help customers gain greater insights into their science to better protect our environment, our food supply and the health of our families. 

For more information, please visit www.perkinelmer.com 

P: 1 800 225 123 (within Australia)
P: +61 2 8338 3800 (International)
E:  david.grasso@promega.com
W: www.promega.com
C: David Grasso

Booth 24 & 25

Promega Corporation is a global leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to life scientists in academic, industrial and government settings.

As a pioneer in the field of Genetic Identity, Promega's scope of innovation includes being the first company to provide fluorescent multiplexed STR systems.

Today, we continue to lead in the development of reliable and validated systems for sample preparation, STR analyses, DNA quantitation, automated solutions and more.   Promega is proud to support the forensic community at the 23nd International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences of the ANZFSS.

P: +44 (0) 28 9442 2413
E: info@randoxtoxicology.com
W: www.randoxtoxicology.com 

Booth 33

Delivering innovative solutions for fast and accurate drug detection, Randox Toxicology is a primary manufacturer of Biochip Array Technology, Homogeneous EIA, ELISAs, automated systems and quality control material for clinical and forensic toxicology. With the world's largest toxicology test menu detecting over 500 drugs, Randox Toxicology are continually first to market with novel drug tests including synthetics cannabinoids, kratom, DOx Series and bath salts.

Patented Biochip Array Technology, designed to work across multiple matrices, boasts cutting-edge multiplex testing capabilities facilitating simultaneous drug detection from a single sample. Significant re-investment in Research & Development has allowed Randox Toxicology to transform the landscape of drugs of abuse testing, offering the most advanced screening technology on the market.


P: +61 3 9840 9800
E: order-au@qiagen.com
W: www.qiagen.com
C: Ms Julie Chmielowski

Booth 48

QIAGEN is the leading global provider of Sample to Insight solutions.

QIAGEN offers complete, integrated, optimized workflows for every type of human identity and forensic testing. 

Accelerate your workflow with our range of automated sample purification solutions. Get more information from your samples with our PCR-based human DNA quantification and  identification assays. Benefit from dedicated and high-quality analytical software. 

Explore the possibilities with our workflows for human identity and forensic testing.

Further information can be found at https://www.qiagen.com/au/products/human-identity-and-forensics/

P: +61 3 9558 0344 
E: hadrian@rofin.com.au
W: www.rofin.com.au
C: Hadrian Fraval

Booths 32 & 39 

Rofin Australia Pty. Ltd. has been involved in manufacturing forensic light sources since 1988. Since then we have sold more than 20 thousand units around the world to over 80 countries.

Rofin has continued to develop their range of light sources which include versatile, hand held light sources as well as the premier lab based light sources. Now we are very excited to launch our new Polilight PL550 XL and updated Flare+2!

P: +61 8 6240 5500
E: mark@sanaxmedical.com.au
W: www.sanaxmedical.com.au
C: Mark Cottone

Booth 12

Sanax Forensics is pleased to announce that on the 8th of March 2016 we obtained certification to AS 5483-2012 Minimizing the risk of contamination in products used to collect and analyse biological material for forensic DNA purposes. For over a decade Sanax Forensics have been supplying forensic consumables and preparing forensic kits for law enforcement jurisdictions throughout Australia. We pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively with your scientific and field personnel to supply your organisation with a product that suits your requirements and is prepared by Australia's only manufacturer certified to AS 5483. Please come and say hello to us in Auckland.

P: +64 9 839 7100 (NZ)
P: +61 2 9684 4200 (AU)
E: info@shimadzu.com.au
W: www.shimadzu.com.au
C: Bruce Fraser (NZ) Lorna Basbas (AU)

Booth 14

Shimadzu Corporation's products include analytical instruments, medical X-ray imaging, aircraft equipment, and turbomolecular pumps. In particular Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is a global leader in analytical instruments, where it has earned a strong reputation in the pharmaceutical, chemistry, and environmental monitoring fields.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is committed to offering comprehensive support to customers in their business and R&D activities. To that end, we supply a wide range of products and services based on cutting-edge technologies for a multitude of industrial and academic applications.

P: 1300 368 138(AU) / 0800 456 217(NZ)
E: info@tekequipment.com.au
W: www.tekequipment.com.au

Booth 22

TekEquipment (a division of TekMed) provides high quality autopsy, laboratory and mortuary equipment from around the world. Our products are designed for the handling, manoeuvring and storage of anatomical specimens and bodies.  All products are developed with work place safety and ergonomics in mind, to ensure a safe and functional work place. We supply a standard product range of products and we also provide customised solutions and fit outs. TekEquipment's product range includes:

Down Draft Working Stations
Ventilated Specimen Cabinets
Autopsy Tables
Autopsy Saws
Body Trays and Racking
Mortuary Lifting Systems
Mortuary Cool Rooms
Mortuary Trolleys
Lift and Transport Trolleys
Concealment Trolleys 

P: 1800 636 327
E: mail.anz@lifetech.com
W: www.thermofisher.com/hid
C: Lucy Dagostino

Booths 28-31

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.  From forensic toxicology testing with Thermo Scientific™ products to human identification (HID) testing with Applied Biosystems™ products, we are transforming lives – and transforming the way our customers work.  thermoscientific.com/toxicology   thermofisher.com/hid 

P: +1 514 489 4247
E: events@ultra-ft.com
W: www.ultra-forensictechnology.com
C: Andre Demers

Booth 5

Forensic Technology created the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) in 1991. IBIS technology can find the "needle in the haystack", suggesting possible matches between pairs of spent bullets and cartridge cases, at speeds well beyond human capacity, in order to help forensic experts give detectives more timely information about crimes, guns, and suspects.

We partner with hundreds of public safety agencies in over 120 countries, providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. With vast experience in scalable-networked solutions, we employ a dedicated team of engineering, forensic, and law enforcement professionals around the world. Forensic Technology is customer-driven, with a worldwide 24/7-customer support network and dedicated training facilities.

We offer a solid corporate infrastructure that governments depend upon for ballistics and firearms identification. When used independently, our products are powerful law enforcement tools. When these components are connected to form seamless systems and networks they can take crime fighting to new levels of performance.

In 2011, Forensic Technology acquired Projectina Ltd. a specialized Swiss company in the field of computation, development and manufacture of optical and opto-electronical components and systems for demanding technical areas.

W: www.vifm.org/

Booth 38

As an institution focused on forensic medicine and science, we serve the community and the courts. Our statutory responsibilities are to provide independent forensic medical and scientific expertise to the justice system, tissue for transplantation and to both teach and undertake research that will benefit the community. 

The VIFM provides the justice system with the crucial evidence that underpins safe convictions and appropriate acquittals. Our doctors and scientists investigate deaths reported to the Coroner, examine alleged offenders and medically assess, treat and support victims of crime. 

The Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria supports patients and their families by providing safe tissues for transplantation and medical research. 

Our medical and scientific staff undertake research that directly contributes to public health and safety and the just working of our legal system. By contributing to the professional development and education of both health care and legal professionals we ensure a high standard of forensic medical services for Victoria and provide critical support for our healthcare and justice systems

P: +61 2 93190122
E: sales@warsash.com.au
W: www.warsash.com.au
C: Derek Huxley, Richard Vincent

Booth 35

Warsash Scientific are the exclusive Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific regional representatives for

  • Thermo Scientific PAI (Portable Analytical Instruments) for bulk chemical identification.

Our FirstDefender (Raman) and TruDefender (FTIR) and Gemini (combined Raman and FTIR)  spectrometers are MIL-STD-810G specified for ruggedness and the world's leading front line tools for first responders and law enforcement clandestine lab and explosive chemists and can identify over 14,000 different chemicals including narcotics, explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, CWAs, "white powders" and many laboratory reagents.     Our TruNarc presumptive narcotics identification kits are also the world's leading tool for non-contact, non-destructive chemical identification of suspected narcotics through the evidence bag, maintaining the evidence chain.

  • Renishaw Raman microscopes for chemical criminalistics,
  • Craic UV,VIS and NIR spectrophotometers for glass refractive index and forensic analysis
  • 908 Devices field portable high pressure mass spectrometers (HPMS) for CWA and TIC chemical detection & identification
  • DetectaChem handheld automated trace detection tools for explosives and narcotics.

P: +61 2 6163 5588
E: jon@xtek.net
W: www.xtek.net

Booth 8

XTEK - Protect and Sustain

XTEK Limited (XTEK) is Australia's homeland security specialist, providing high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.  The company is proud to provide a wide range of specialised homeland security products in the areas of EOD, forensics, high risk security solutions, weapons and ammunition.

XTEK is an Australian Defence Force Recognised Supplier, is listed on the Australian Defence Force Register as an approved maintenance facility and is a Member of the Defence Industry Security Panel.  XTEK provides an extensive supply of forensic resources to the whole of Australia and New Zealand Police.  Our key management and staff have distinguished military and police backgrounds and extensive experience in the forensic  and Homeland Security market; thus ensuring expert after-sales service, training, support and consultancy for our clients.

P: 1300 365 470 (AU)
    0800 334 353 (NZ)
E: microinfo.au@zeiss.com
W: www.zeiss.com.au


Over the past 167 years, ZEISS has gained a reputation for producing exceptionally high quality optical equipment and innovative technology. We are not just a microscope manufacturer; we aim to provide value beyond price by offering our customers unique imaging solutions, tailored to their specific application. 

Our wide range of microscopes all support our custom software; making the processing and analysis of samples and images easy. These systems are available with a wide variety of contrast and illumination techniques, meaning even the most difficult samples can be visualised. 

Speak with us today; we will help make your sample visible.